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PR is not only an excessively expensive cost for small businesses, it’s largely unnecessary. At PRX, we focus on the most essential aspect of PR--media coverage--at a reasonable cost.

We work with you on story development, find the best journalists to reach out to, and handle all pitching and initial communication. We’re on demand, so we send pitches out on your schedule. Continued engagement is also our priority, so we help you build relationships with journalists and get consistent, high-quality coverage.

PRX is the easy "no-agency" solution that requires no heavy lifting.

$500 monthly

  • Minimum 3-month commitment
  • Monthly story development call
  • New media campaigns as stories develop
  • Monthly follow-ups with existing pitch lists
  • Continued engagement with interested journalists

No registration or payment required upfront
and we offer a money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with our work.

How It Works

1. Call

After you sign up, our PR agent will call you for a 20-minute interview to develop your story for the media.

2. Talk To Interested Journalists

We craft and send targeted pitches to 40+ reporters. If they are interested in working on the story, we'll put you in touch with them.

3. Media Coverage

If you don't get covered organically, we'll sponsor a post.

We have helped clients get featured on...

Case Study: Instapainting

Instapainting is a company that converts photographs to paintings. They were organizing something unique—a live, collaborative event streamed via Twitch where viewers could control a machine to paint.

We brought Instapainting the publicity it deserved. After a short chat with the folks at Instapainting, we honed the story to pique journalists' interests and pitched it to journalists that were likely to find it interesting. The publicity we received amplified their efforts, driving traffic to the event stream and their website as well as general awareness of their brand. Press coverage included and Engadget prior to the event and more stories the day after, including a prominent publication in the art space, Artnet News.

“We were really satisfied by the publicity PRX got us. They made our event a real success without us having to do much at all.”

Chris Chen, CEO of Instapainting
Chris Chen,
CEO at Instapainting

Instapainting Article on Engadget

Article about Instapainting on Engadget

Case Study: Go Cubes

Nootrobox was about to launch Go Cubes, a unique new product that brings you coffee in a convenient, chewable form. We helped Go Cubes get coverage in a variety of publications, including Mic, an online publication that boasts 20 million monthly uniques in Nootrobox's target audience. The publicity we garnered for Go Cubes was instrumental in their Indiegogo campaign success.

“$1,773 from 60 different contributors were directly attributable to the press hits PRX helped us obtain—not to mention the contributions from secondary social shares, emails, and Google searches. I believe PRX was instrumental in helping us reach our crowdfunding goal.”

Geoff Woo, Co-founder of Nootrobox / Go Cubes
Geoff Woo,
Co-Founder of Nootrobox / Go Cubes

Go Cubes article on Mic

Article about Go Cubes on Mic

Don’t neglect your PR. For $500 monthly, we'll develop your story, pitch it to 40 relevant reporters and get you one sponsored post from an influencer.

No registration or payment required upfront
and we offer a money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with our work.